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My Life As An Escort

trying to face the past and move on



July 11th, 2007

first call continued


As he lays there getting his massage, Kim ( Lisa ) starts to tell him that we dont get any money out of the agency fee and if he wants anything other than a massage then it is going to cost more.  He would need to "tip" us.  I never understood why we called it a tip since we wanted it up front.  Anyway, he isnt real happy because he hasnt been told any of this over the phone, hell he may have been told there wouldnt be any other charges, but Kim tells him that the phone operator has to do that because it would be illegal for the client to give the girls money on the side for additional services.  So after he realizes that he either give us more money on top of the 150 he already gave the driver...which goes to the agency...and have some fun or not give us more and we leave after the massage.  He ends up giving us 400 more to split.  For that we did a nude dance and let him watch us fool around.  It was so crazy.  I had never been with a woman before and all of a sudden I was with a woman, a man watching a jacking off and I was being paid for it.  Talk about a mind fuck.  But after we got out of there I was on such a high.  To make that kind of money in less then an hour was intoxicating.  It was addictive.  
I am not sure why I am writing on this page.  I dont think anyone is reading it.
Should I continue?  Is anyone listening?

June 1st, 2007

continued...first call


So the client looks through the peep hole and sees me as the driver stands to the side.  Once the client opens the door we both walk in, Kim and myself, followed by our driver.  The client is of course a little concerned as to why there is a man walking into his room.  He didnt expect a man only the two girls that he is paying for.  The driver does all the talking.  We sit on the bed while he takes care of buisness, getting the money and having the contract signed.  I feel okay while the driver is still there, as he begins to walk out the door it takes everything in me not to follow. 

Kim takes the lead, she tells him to get comfortable and that we are going to do the same in the bathroom.  Standing there getting undressed I felt so dirty and alone.  We went into the room and told him to lay on his stomach so we could give him a massage...

May 31st, 2007

My First Call


So...here I am, broke and alone.  I had to make some money or my child and I were going to be living in my car.  I was so scared.  What was I getting myself into?  Anne, booked a call for two girls and told Kim and I to get ready.  We got dressed up, not like a prostitute but as though we belonged in the hotel we were about to walk into.   That was one of the many rules that Anne and Troy had.  I will get into some more about that soon.

We had a driver that drove us to the call.  He walked us up to the room and knocked on the door.  He asked me to stand in front of the peep hole so if he looks out he will see me and not him.   brb...

April 12th, 2007

Making The Decision

After spending that evening thinking about what I had just seen and heard I was so confused, scared and interested.  The next day I went over to my dads house and showed him the contract and told him only about the dinner date part of it.  He of course told me not to do it and that there was a whole lot more to this.  
I was in a spot.  I had to have some money or I was going to be back home and my parents would get to say...see...you were too young to have a baby and now we are going to have to take care of both of you.  I wasnt prepared to hear that.  I wanted to make it on my own.  

Later that night the escort that I met the night before called.  She said that she really enjoyed spending time with me and that they were so busy.  "Its really not as bad as it seems."  She asked that I come back tomorrow and talk some more and maybe go out on a call with her.  I agreed that I would.

When I arrived back at the hotel Lisa was out on a call and the phone was ringing off the hook.  Troy was answering the phone and he was so charismatic.  I noticed that he was pushing "two girl" calls.  He said that Lisa would be back any moment and that if I wanted I could go out with her.  I asked how the money worked and this is the low down

150/hr it included a Lingere' show  The girl didnt get ANY of that money she worked soley on tips which they said would be way more then the 150.  

(That of course is the way things were done ten years ago.)

I will write more in a little while...no one is reading any way.

April 11th, 2007

Looking in the mirror as I walked out the door, I wish I had known that I would never again see that girl.  I was going into a situation that was going to change everything and I didnt even know it.

The agency was being ran out of a extended stay type of hotel.  The woman on the phone told me which room and when to be there.  I set out in the parking lot scared, not knowing what I was getting myself into.

I got out of the car and walked into the hotel.  After knocking on the door a girl about my age answered the door.  She was wearing a great outfit that really looked like she was about to go to a business meeting.  The owners were out grabbing something to eat so she began to give me the run down on the job.  She said she had been working for them for a little over a year and actually lived in Indianapolis.  The owners live in Arizona and have services in over ten cities.  She was very nice and said that the money was great and that it was so easy.  " We dont have sex or even let the guy touch us, we do give lingere' shows, massages and get nude and do dances."  She said that some of it was going to dinners and events with gentlemen that wanted a young pretty girl to "escort" them.  A thousand dollars a week would be easy for me she said and that for the first couple of calls that I went on she would go with me to train me, if I decided to come to work there.  

I was showed contracts that the client had to sign that said they were not going to illicit sex and that the escort wasnt there to provide it. While she and I were talking the phone in the room was ringing alot.  She would stop talking to me and answer the phone.  "Escort Service, how can I help you?"  "The rate is 150 for up to an hour and that includes a complimentry lingere' show."  "Yes we have lots of girls!"  She began reading off six to eight girls with measurements, eye color, hair color and age.  After she answered the phone a couple of times I asked where the other girls were and she just laughed.  " There are no other girls, we just fired several girls, everyone I just read off is me with a different name and the stats adjusted a little."  She said that the couple that owned the company was great and that they did a great job of watching out for the girls.  Every guy was checked out, sort of before a girl went on the call and she was always driven by a male and he was here securitiy.

 As we were talking a couple walked in the door.  The womans name was Anne and her husband was Troy.  They were cute.  They looked very clean cut and like they had lots of money.   They had an amazing energy and had such a positive spin on this whole escort thing.  Anne said that she had two kids, had been  doing this for over ten years and had two homes and all the money she needed.  Troy was all about pointing out that I wouldnt be doing anything illegal, as a matter of fact if the guy ever acts up they dont have any problems calling the cops and that after they saw the contract the guy would have to pay and the girl would get to leave.  After a few minutes some of the darker side of it came out.  I asked so if we arent having sex with these guys why do they pay to just have a dance?  " Oh they can touch themselves and that is what they get" Anne said.  I was freaked out.  I told them I would think about it and get back to them within the next couple days...

March 26th, 2007

Poll #954066 Escorts

Are you familiar with what an escort is?

a little
When I was 19 my whole life changed.  I had been with a guy for about four years and I got preg.  Before I knew it the guy was acting wierd and all of a sudden I was all alone.  In a matter of weeks I had a baby, got my first apartment and my new life had begun.  To pay the bills I was working at a country club waiting tables.  It was hard work and I wasnt making much money.  

Across the street from my apartment was a little laundry mate and I had befriended one of the girls that worked there.  I was so so lonely.  Sometimes I would walk over with my little girl and I would hang out in the mat with her and we would talk and watch tv.  One night we ordered pizza...on our way to the P's in the phone book I ran across the E's.  We found the escort ads in the phone book.  We didnt even know what they were so we giggled and decided to call one of them to see what they would tell us.  All of the ads said they were hiring so we said we were looking for a job.  The people on the phone asked if we had done it before and when we said no they said " Well it involves nudity."    The woman said that you could make $200 an hour and that you didnt have to do anything illegal.  We got lots of giggles from making the calls and talked about it awhile that night and then I didnt really think about it at all until about six months later I was short on the rent and I was so scared.  I didnt know what to do.  I was only making $5.25 hr and we didnt make tips.  So I started thinking about the money the woman said I could make.  She made it sound so simple.  Yeah I would have to get nude they said but they said it was legal and hell there was four whole pages on ads in the phone book and I figured that it had to be legal cause you dont see drug dealers advertising in the phone book right?  

I told my friend what I was thinking about doing and she told me to be careful and to make sure this was something I really wanted to do.  Well I didnt want to do it but I didnt know what to do.  Even if I got a new job I wouldnt have the money in time to pay my rent so I told myself I would just go check it out and if it seemed cool I would just do it long enough to pay the rent and other bills and would look for a new job while I was "working for the service."    I was so nervous.  I got dressed up and walked into the situation that would outline the next 11 years of my life...

Come back to hear about my first meeting with an Escort Service.

Jessica Fox

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